Previously, we have reported on many innovations in the area of mobile phones. You may recall us reporting on the dangers of mobile phone viruses. We also spoke about mobile phones having TV reception. And then, there was speculation that a whole new gaming world on the mobile could be on the cards, when mobile phone games takes off. Well, such a mobile phone gaming world could well be with us, because Nvidia has created a chip capable of creating 3-D virtual worlds on cell phones and other handheld devices.

The chip has a completely new architecture, rather than merely building on what has gone before. This is not something already in existence cut down for the mobile to use - this is something new aimed at the mobile, and designed for it. Features include a dedicated geometry processor, programmable pixel shaders, a 40-bit color pipeline, and simultaneous support for up to six textures. There is also support for smart means of conserving power, a 3-megapixel camera functionality and MPEG decoding at a resolution of 352x288 pixels.

Are we looking at a future mobile that may be almost, if not more powerful, than the PCs of today?