Apparently, the copy protection on Napster's portable music subscription service has been cracked, some days after its high-profile launch. This opens the floodgates for many hundreds of thousands of songs being made available for free. Kind of ironic, really, given that Napster used to be.

Meanwhile, people battling with managing multiple passwords will be pleased to hear that RSA Security has announced plans to encourage the development of technical standards to bring us the "one-time" password. A single sign-on is the goal of.. well, just about everyone really, given the administrative and support costs associated with just resetting the damn things. At its annual conference, the RSA released technical specifications for one-time, or single-use passwords, that are secure enough not to be compromised.

"RSA Security's proposed open specifications for one time passwords will serve the IT security industry by enabling technology solution vendors to integrate one-time password technology throughout the enterprise." - Paul Weinstein, vice-president of business at Check Point.

Finally, a hacker who broke into the T-Mobile network and accessed personal information on hundreds of customers has pleaded guilty to a felony hacking charge.