Yet another variant of the MyDoom worm is spreading around cyberspace, causing mayhem and general annoyance for us ordinary people who just want to use computers for work and fun. The worm, which spreads by sending copies of itself using its own mail engine and harvesting potential e-mail targets from search engines such as Google and Yahoo, is spreading at a very alarming rate.

Antivirus firm Sophos said the latest MyDoom variant searches an infected computer's hard disk for e-mail addresses and then reverts to an Internet search. Interestingly, the worm tries to search the Internet for e-mail addresses in the infected computer's domain--effectively targeting all users from a specific company or service provider.

Representatives from antivirus firm Sophos have said that users have little to worry about provided they have updated their virus definitions. As always (and we will keep telling you this until your ears bleed) we recommend that you 1) Install antivirus software and keep it up to date, 2) Install all the latest patches and updates for your OS, and 3) Install a firewall.