Those forces out there who hate P2P and all it stands for are probably cursing BitTorrent as we speak, and wishing that it would go away. But it seems that there is a fair chance of BitTorrent keeping going for quite some time, since it’s just so popular and well liked that it might just refuse to lay down and die.

BitTorrent is different. This free, open-source program offers a spyware- and nuisance-free installation. And while it is certainly handy for downloading movies and other copyrighted material for free, it's also increasingly used to distribute software and entertainment legally.

Perhaps too robust to stamp out with lawsuits, and certainly something that might lend itself well to commercial use in some way, there's no denying that BitTorrent has its potential. Perhaps the MPAA and all that lot need to embrace the format in some way, rather than fight it?

The MPAA may be able to drive BitTorrent movie downloads into what Green called "the dark corners of the Internet," but this program isn't going to go away. It might, however, be just what movie studios and record labels need to market and distribute their own content efficiently on the Web.