Next month will see the unveiling of the G70 graphics chip from NVIDIA, when it is made public at Computex in Taipei. The chip represents the next-generation of NVIDIA graphics, and will seemingly deliver double the performance of the GeForce 6800, as well as offering single slot cooling. It's also no doubt power hungry as hell.

It turns out that 75W from external connector and 75W from motherboard is not enough. Nvidia wants an additional 75W for its G70 card.

We should be seeing these babies in the shops by Q3 of this year. How it will perform against comparable offerings from ATI is anyone's guess.

Whispers say that it's in good shape and that the first silicon is up and running nicely. Our pro-Nvidia sources believe that it will end up faster than ATi's R520, but ATiers will pooh-pooh that claim, for sure.