I just got back from seeing Star Wars Ep III: Revenge of the Sith, and I must say I am (here's a first!) stunned into silence almost. It was totally cool. Watching that film, one almost feels the urge to be really, really annoyed at Lucas for not making the first two movies better. There's just next to nothing bad I could say about the film - no silly space filler pod races, no rubbish put in there just for kids. This was not, as you will discover, a kid's movie. It's something else - darker than you might expect and a lot closer in tone to Star Wars Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back, which also happens to be my favourite movie of all time.

Nothing is held back: you see all of those great moments. You see Anakin become Darth Vader, in a transformation scene that leaves the cyborg stuff in "Robocop" or "The Best of Both Worlds" totally standing still. In fact, that particular scene reminded me more of something from a Nine Inch Nails video than something from the crappy kiddie Star Wars we have gotten used to in recent years. Even better, I believe that Jar Jar Binks did not speak once, although it's a very big shame he didn't find death at the hands of a Sith lightsaber. I was hoping for that. Oh, and the Emperor is just cool as hell.

All in all, I think even if you did not like Episodes I and II, you will like Revenge of the Sith. Although it's not a patch on any of the first three (that's not possible), it's very much worth seeing and I hope you will go to the cinema to watch it, rather than downloading it or waiting for the DVD. It was just great.