After reports that some of its chat rooms were being used to promote sex with minors, Yahoo has pulled the plug on perhaps hundreds of such chat rooms. Yahoo received swarms of angry protests from several of its top sponsors, including companies such as PepsiCo Inc and Georgia-pacific. The sponsors stopped using Yahoo for advertising when it became known that adults were attempting to entice children into sexual encounters within some of Yahoo's chat rooms.

KPRC reported that in some cases, men were using web cameras to send lewd pictures to minors in chat rooms with such titles as "younger girls 4 older guys" and "girls 13 and under for older guys."
Why are some people so pathetic? Perhaps one day, someone will invent a chip that shuts a computer down if a sad person tries to use it to achieve these kinds of ends. Computing and the Internet just winds up with a bad name because of certain sad individuals who should just all go for counselling, or better still castration.