And now that we are definitely NOT going to have a single, integrated DVD format, the name calling begins. Like two children stuck in the back seat of a car on a family trip, Sony and Toshiba can't resist some good old fashioned bitching. Toshiba, for example, said on Friday an agreement would have been possible if Sony and the Blu-ray association hadn’t been so stubborn in their approach. Yes, stubborn.

“The picture has been painted that Sony is open to discussions and it’s Toshiba that’s shutting the door,” said Mark Knox, advisor to the HD-DVD promotion division at Toshiba. “It is Sony that is not willing to negotiate evenly.”
Any hopes of us having one format and avoiding getting totally ripped off now seem lost forever.

“Blu-ray said they won’t compromise on the disc structure,” said Mr. Knox. “In effect they are saying ‘my way or the highway’ and that is not the way to come to a compromise.”