We've covered the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray news quite a bit here, and some of the question raised were 'Which format will manufacturers support?' and 'Does this mean two optical drives again?'. Thankfully, Samsung says no to the latter and both to the former. Though we are not given models, specifications or even release dates yet, Samsung confirmed that their next-gen line of optical drives will support Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Because the drive will likely require additional heads as the article mentions, it may end up being more expensive, at least initially, than standalone drives. Samsung has supported Blu-Ray in the past, so it's nice to know they can see this from a consumer perspective rather than a development perspective.

As for whether it will support classic DVD and CD, the article does not say. This is a bit of relief, though, to know that some manufacturers are playing it safe, giving us a better product.