We're starting to hear more and more about the concept of fuel cells powering mobile devices in the future, with promises of all-day laptops and 40 hours of music from a gram of liquid being the key selling points. Motorola has made an investment in a company called Tekion to develop a new type of power source, integrating both battery and micro fuel cell. Called the "personal power source", it is capable of providing up to 50W of power, for varying lengths of time. It doesn't seem to offer the all-day scenario, but perhaps in the future we will hear great news from them. Motorola sure expects it.

"As mobile products have simultaneously miniaturized and increased in functionality, battery capacity has become a significant challenge. Tekion's non-flammable Formira fuel cell technology combined with an advanced battery technology, such as lithium ion, is a practical and efficient solution. Tekion's technology will help advance Motorola's vision of bringing seamless mobility to wireless users."
All mobile users suffer the wrath of the battery at one point or another, and demands for longer life are only getting louder.