Consoles are typically thought of as entertainment devices, with pretty limited scope. The expectations for consoles are pretty standard, too. You plug in a game, the game works, you have fun. Consoles are becoming more and more advanced though, and though there have been some issues in the past with instability, apparently the Xbox 360 has taken the cake for the most unstable console, only a single day after it's release. In some ways, you could almost say we knew this would happen eventually. Numerous reports of the console crashing have been reported at various other sites, with crashes happening even with all default settings in single player. They don't seem to be related to particular games or particular reasons, happening randomly.

This may or may not be widespread, but this is the first I remember since the launch of the SNES nearly a decade and a half ago, where a console was plagued with reports of defective hardware and instability. Perhaps the console has become too much like a computer. And it seems that maybe Microsoft jumped the gun on the release of the 360, in effort to beat the PS3 out the door. As more on this develops we'll keep you updated.