One of the most popular drives for enthusiasts has been Western Digital's Raptor, a way for home and small office users to have a 10,000RPM drive somewhat cheaper than a comparable SCSI drive. The only downside to the faster disks, besides a higher rate of failure, was capacity. The faster spindle speed, often coupled with striping, brings much-needed speed to a modern computers biggest bottleneck. The largest currently available in the line is 72GB, while it still carries a price tag that is more than a standard 200GB disk. Western Digital is planning the release of the WD1500AD, a 16MB cache 10,000RPM NCQ-supporting beast, with a large capacity of 150GB. It supports SATA-II, and will retail for $380. Pretty steep for a disk, but it promises incredible speed and likely will help bring prices of other 10k disks down. Seagate will probably soon follow suit with their Cheetah line.