Domain registration is usually a fairly simple and often cheap process. It's so easy today, it's point and click. Of course, that can backfire. Somehow, a pair in Australia managed to rake in several million dollars using scams for domain registration. The old tricks may be the best tricks, but awareness for digital crime is rising. The two were caught and have been fined AU$2.3 Million total by the Australian Federal Court. This didn't start in an investigation, but rather litigation, when UK Registrar Nominet sued the pair. The two used what are essentially phishing tactics to lure unsuspecting owners of names to cough up more money for a service they'd already paid for. Business owners are targets of fraudsters too, not just end users, of course, no big surprise there. Of course, don't plan on phishing to be reduced anytime soon. It continues to grow, and probably will for quite some time. In this instance, crime didn't pay.