In a press released issued yesterday, enthusiast memory manufacturer Corsair released a new addition to their XMS line. This time, they are directly targeting DDR users that are looking for very large quantities of RAM, such as the magic 2GB mark that greatly helps many modern games like Battlefield 2. Called the XMS 3200C2 XPERT 2GB, it is a kit of 2 1GB sticks of DDR400 that has very impressive timings of 2-3-3-6 with a stock voltage of 2.75. Like other Corsair RAM it has a lifetime warranty, and comes with the Corsair heat spreaders. The press release flaunts the new RAM, of course, but brings up a very good point about newer applications making great use of large amounts of RAM. The newer games can be exceedingly memory hungry, and anyone trying to play a game like BF2 on a 512mb machine versus a 2GB machine will feel a night and day difference. Many common home programs, like Photoshop, also get huge performance boosts out of large amounts of ram. Having nice enthusiast kits makes it all the more enjoyable. You can download the press release here.