Even more good news for mobile users, now you will be able to use a Cingular serviced phone to access e-mail, IM, photos and addresses from a Yahoo account on your phone. Not exactly up to the level of a PDA, the "Go Mobile" service is designed around the Nokia 6682, and is currently only available in a a handful of states.

The new service was initially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and is only now available for consumers to purchase preloaded on handsets, the companies said. "It's the first kind of baby steps toward this whole concept of an anytime-anywhere device," said Matt Davis, director of consumer multiplay services at IDC, a market researcher.
It retails at $249, not the cheapest, but about average for a multimedia phone, and includes other features like an mp3 player. Whether or not customers will have use for that much integration into a cell is up in the air, especially considering it is a subscriptiong based service.