According to consumer magazine ‘Computing Which?’, online auction site eBay needs to get tougher on fraud. Some 130 incidents are reported to the Metropolitan Police each month involving fraud and eBay. ‘Computing Which?’ is calling on eBay to take a more proactive stance on identifying counterfeit items offered for sale. The magazine recommends that the auction site warn customers about the dangers of fraud, and that it should crack down on the unlicensed sale of products.

Jessica Ross, editor of the magazine, said: "Many people see eBay as a bit of fun, like Friends Reunited, and no one's denying that it's quick and easy to use. But there's plenty of opportunity for criminals to cash in too.

"eBay needs to educate people about the dangers of using the site. This 21st century car boot sale attracts more than a few dodgy characters and gangs can 'earn' huge amounts defrauding everyday eBayers."