Novell, IBM and Parity Communications are to work on a project code-named 'Project Higgins', which will give people more control over their personal online identity information. The goal will be software for 'user-centric' identity management. This will enable people to actively manage and control their online personal information such as bank accounts, telephone and credit card numbers and so forth, in a manner not available at present. The software will enable users to take the control of such information away from institutions, and allow them to manage it themselves.

Project Higgins claims that it will make it simple and secure for someone to change an address across all their online accounts with a single keystroke. Users will also be able to delegate who can see what elements of their medical records or change a password across online banking and brokerage accounts. For example, a person can grant their insurance company broad access to their personal information and medical records, while at the same time limiting the amount of data made available to their cable company. In turn, businesses can create new channels of communication with customers, enabling information to be shared securely across networks to deliver targeted, relevant products and services.