Just when I thought my 7800 GT was hot stuff, nVidia goes out and releases the highly anticipated 7900 GTX/GT & 7600 GT. Based on a 90nm process, the 7900 GT/GTX are more than just a beefed up 7800. They all have hardware DX9 Pixel Shader 3.0 support, a reduced transistor count (less heat!), and compatibility with the upcoming Quad-SLI. GPU and memory clock speeds have been predictably increased, with the 7900 GTX sitting at 650MHz and 800MHz for RAM.

The GTX also has the newer style HDTV connectors, though I couldn't find any information about HDMI support. The 7900 series will start at $499 and $649, not lightweight by any means. Now to wait for the Quad SLI benchmarks.