According to a YouGov survey commissioned by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), almost fifty percent of U.K. employees have been exposed to illegal or inappropriate activities at work, including being asked to use pirated software. The same survey also found that Britons are more likely than ever to act on such activities, and report them.

One in three employees said they are more happy to report illegal or inappropriate activity than they would have been three years ago, compared to just 10 percent who feel the opposite way. Disgruntled workers are even more likely to report illegal goings-on with 65 percent of respondents saying they would consider reporting their company if they felt their employer treated them unfairly. More than one in four said that large salary rises for the board or poor salary reviews for staff could spur them to act.
The study also found that 42 percent of respondents said that they felt that if their customers knew they were using illegal software, it would put them off doing business with them. Nearly a third of those questioned said that they would report cases of illegal software use.