In an attempt to encourage companies to develop more devices around HDMI, the HDMI consortium is lowering the fees to acquire a license to do such. The fee will be reduced to $10,000 from $15,000, a significant cut. While $15,000 may not be much to a big player like nVidia or ATI, it could mean a very big deal to smaller companies that produce more niche products, and a high price tag won't encourage them to do much.

The new price will go into effect starting November of this year. The growing popularity and adoption of HDMI was also a determining factor for the price reduction. According to Leslie Chard, president of HDMI Licensing LLC, "the reduction of the annual fee, which was already minimal, will make it easier for smaller manufacturers to license the HDMI specification and will help ensure that all companies, large or small, can implement cutting edge HDMI technology into their products."
I doubt this will have much of an impact on HDMI adoption for developers, though it may result in some companies picking up the technology for themselves.