HP, one of the few large backers of the Itanium, is finally rolling out servers based on the dual-core variants of these processors. After all the delays in getting Intel's dual core server chips out, there's probably big sigh of relief coming from HP. Starting a little less than two months from now, the servers will be available, equipped with the Montecito core:

At the end of October, customers can start purchasing HP's Integrity servers with Intel's new dual-core "Montecito" chip inside. The chip refresh covers the vast majority of HP's Itanium-based server line and even extends to two new low-end systems. HP couldn't be happier about having the chance to prove that Itanic will float.
HP has been without a next-gen dual core offering for quite a while now, leaving them at a serious disadvantage to Dell, IBM, Sun and other big players in the server market. Based on the ZX2 chipset, HP's new RX3600 and RX6600 servers are intended to go head-to-head with the toughest of servers. Existing HP servers based on the SX2000 will be able to upgrade to the dual core Itanium, leaving a good upgrade path option open. Will HP be able to save the Itanium?