No Aero graphics. No Media Center. No remote control. Is there any point at all to Vista Home Basic? Acer, the world's number four PC maker thinks there is none. According to them, it’s a lemon. The company believes that the Home Basic version of the OS is so lacking in features that consumers will simply reject it completely.

"The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won't feel it at all," said Jim Wong, senior corporate vice president at Acer. "Right at the beginning they started talking about the experience of [Vista Home] Premium. Premium is the real Vista," he said.
Nevertheless, Wong does feel that more featured versions of Vista will do much to fuel the PC market. Other PC makers seem to agree, and are racing to buy components for Vista-capable PCs. In fact, a supply shortage of such components as CPUs, DRAM, chipsets and lithium batteries may be explained by the coming launch of Vista.

Wong claims that since the Premium Version of Vista is 10 per cent more expensive than XP Home, PC makers will be forced to soak up the additional costs of it in their products - and for very little in the way of an enhanced user experience.