Ubisoft is claiming that Sony's delayed launch of the PS3 will do wonders to help Microsoft, helping to boost extra sales for 360 titles this Christmas. Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ubisoft executive Alain Corre said that Sony giving an extra Christmas to Microsoft is an issue because the more 360 is established in homes, the less Sony's console will be.

Corre pointed out that his company has planned 3 PS3 titles for the year and said that he "would have preferred the PS3 to come in, but it wasn't a big part of our business plan this year, and it can easily be replaced by the extra sales we'll do on 360 games that would have been cannibalised by PS3 games."

"The PS3 and the 360 are not cheap, so once people buy a machine they won't neccessarily by a second one three months after that or even a year after that. So I think for Sony, the earlier the better now."
Similarly, Corre believes that the PS3 delay will also help Nintendo, which is set to launch the Wii in Europe on December 8.