If you use a PDA, there's a high chance it's running Windows Mobile. Microsoft is planning an upgrade to the popular embedded OS, with their upcoming release of Windows Mobile 6. With the usual taglines of better security and better integration, WM6 is expected to be announced next Monday at the 3GSM trade show. It'll be a few months before any phones or PDAs will be found with it. Among other things, WM6 will include support for HTML formatted e-mail (provided your company is running an Exchange 2007 server) and support for Windows Live instant messaging. It is based on the same core as Windows Mobile 5, and thus most applications running on your current PDA should be able to run under WM6

Improved support for devices without touchscreens has been added, fixing many quirks that WM5 has when navigating without such a luxury. VoIP support is included as well, at least to the point where developers can produce software for it. No word on whether or not devices running WM5 will be able to upgrade, or how much a license will cost.