Windows Vista cracked: A team of crackers have reportedly been successful in bypassing the product activation requirement of Windows Vista x86 @ TS OpenBoards.

Google says it loses $1 billion a year to false ad clicks: Advertisers have been asking Google for a clearer picture of the reach and effectiveness of their ads @ CBC News.

10tacle gets Ready 2 Rumble: Multinational publisher picks up comical boxing license; fighting specialists AKI developing first R2R game for "various videogame platforms." @ Gamespot.

Europe's PlayStation 3 Gets the Shaft: Less than a month before the release of the PlayStation 3 across the Atlantic, Sony has announced that Europeans will be getting a watered-down version of the PS3 @ PC World.

What to Do with Apple's Cash: Launching a venture capital fund would allow Apple to fund its vision for the future without making awkward acquisitions @ BusinessWeek.

Free Software Foundation Urges Computer Makers To Replace Windows Vista With Free OS: The FSF sent five proposals to Sun Microsystems, HP, and Dell in January that would aid in the spread of free operating systems @ Information Week.

Rumor mill: Advanced Micro Devices Takeover Rumours Resurrect. IBM May Look at AMD, But Should Keep Intel in Mind @ Xbit labs.

Offtopic! 43-year old UFC hall of famer Randy Couture Shuts out Sylvia to Win Third UFC Heavyweight Title @