It's going to be a good year for flash. Samsung, SanDisk, Super Talent and many others are all planning to releases solid state disks of high enough capacity and performance to rival desktop hard drives this year. Now, Fujitsu is planning notebooks with stock Flash SSD options, letting people configure them with either 16GB or 32GB models. The Lifebook series, models P1610 and B6210 will both be configurable in this fashion.

It is odd, however, that the price Fujitsu wants for these options is so high - $650 and $1300 for each drive option, respectively. Why the high cost, especially when SanDisk announced a 32GB variety that will begin retailing for only $350? The price difference will go unanswered by Fujitsu at the moment. Regardless, SSD has begun to emerge. 2007 looks like it will be a good year for flash mass storage to become big.