eBay is reportedly in advanced talks to buy recommendations website StumbleUpon.com. The rumored deal could be worth around $40 to $75 million dollars, but according to The Wall Street Journal's unnamed source the deal remains tentative and could break down.

StumbleUpon combines website recommendations based on user input via 'Thumbs up' and 'Thumbs down' votes with a social review site with search features. It also features a browser plug-in that lets you 'channel surf' the web by redirecting you to a random website - that has been previously voted by other users - based on your interests. The service currently has a growing user base of 2.3 million users.

eBay's plans for StumbleUpon - or even if the deal takes place - is yet to be seen. However, SumbleUpon's features could improve community aspects of the auction site and make interesting auctions easier to find.