Talking on a cell while driving a car has become a huge issue in the past decade as cell phone prevalence has increased dramatically. While there's arguments in both directions about how safe one can by while driving and chatting, an even more controversial topic is beginning to crop up: Texting while driving. Obviously, attempting to write emails or text messages while operating a car is surely something that can easily end in sorrow, but it is becoming such an issue that the state of Washington has outright banned it.

While the law doesn't take effect until over a year from now, it will make it a crime to text while driving, with those getting caught facing fines and confiscation of their phone. At the very least, talking on a hands free headset lets you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, distracted as you are. Attempting to type and drive at the same time? I'm surprised this wasn't brought up a lot sooner. For the moment, only Washington is effected. I imagine many other states will follow suit in the coming years.