Less than a day after its public debut, Safari for Windows is already getting the third degree. Security researchers from several different places have located and exposed several security flaws in the new iteration of the browser, ranging from memory corruption bugs to denial of service crashes. While each of the reported flaws hasn't been verified by Apple, the sheer amount of bugs discovered in day one (at least six, according to one blog) is surprising. Some of the flaws apparently could lead to remote code execution, though so far few details have been released at any single location. Many of the flaws were discovered by the same person who made the Apple Wi-fi flaw known to the public

What will Apple's response be to these? Obviously they intentionally moved into the Windows browser market, so they are opening themselves up to a much larger potential audience. Speculation might lead us to believe that many of the flaws are due to the browser being on the Windows platform itself, though it is still up to Apple to make sure the browser is secure.