While DDR3 chipsets are already in production and manufacturers have been going crazy to be the first on the block with DDR3 modules, the actual standard for it was still not ratified until today. Now, JEDEC has finally published the standard, giving the reference for which all future DDR3 products will follow.

It includes the drop in voltage to 1.5V, which is one of the biggest reasons DDR3 is touted as being the be-all and end-all to DDR2 and DDR, allowing it to ramp up its clock speeds very high. Of course, Intel, with their newest chipsets which support DDR3, are very excited about it:

"The DDR3 standard will serve as the lynchpin for developing a new generation of memory solutions that address demands for both lower power and high performance," Intel Director of Platform Memory Options, JEDEC board member Paul Fahey said.
Recently, companies like Kingston, OCZ, Corsair and Buffalo have been eager to introduce their DDR3 offerings. With a published standard, they might have an easier time of convincing motherboard manufacturers to offer DDR3 as a standard option on new boards.