Though DDR3 is still off in the distance and DDR2 is still considered to be "new" by many, manufacturers are pushing it and prepping for release. Buffalo has created the first set of memory modules based on the new technology, announcing today the introduction of PC3-8500 1066MHz modules. The units have a very high latency at CL7, though supposedly the improved technology helps it be every bit as fast as DDR2. Then again, they made that same claim when comparing DDR2 to DDR, though it took a long time and some very high clockspeeds for DDR2 to be able to match its older brother. One new advantage it is bringing for sure, however, is lower power consumption, the modules operating at 1.5V.

This year will see the first DDR3 supporting chipsets launched, so likely the modules will be released close to when that happens. Expect prices to be obscene, as usual with new product launches. Buffalo expects 512MB modules to sell for $315 and 1GB modules to sell for $595.