It has been almost a year since Microsoft and Novell announced their strategic partnership to develop technologies that will make it easier for users to run both SUSE Linux and Windows on their computers and now they have announced their new interoperability lab is open for business.

"Today's lab opening is another indicator of the high priority that Novell and Microsoft are giving this collaboration," said Suzanne Forsberg, Interoperability Lab manager for Novell. "This kind of technical interoperability work requires disciplined effort and dedicated resources, and that's what this lab is built around. Enterprise customers are demanding exactly the kinds of interoperable solutions that will be the focus of this lab's work and output."
This joint effort was born after corporate customers made it clear they wanted to use a blend of technologies, so the lab's first priority is to ensure interoperability between Microsoft and Novell virtualization technologies. You can read the complete press release over at Microsoft.