Most people are content with getting their laptop factory loaded with Windows, if not so much the hordes of "extras" all notebook vendors toss in. There are many who are not happy with that, however, and have pushed these manufacturers to offer their machines without Windows pre-loaded, if only to lower the cost of a machine.

One man over in Europe took it so far as to sue Acer when they refused to refund him the "full cost" of preloaded software he did not want on his machine. While we all know that vendors get a huge discount in bundling software, Acer's initial offer of a €30 refund was obviously lacking. Now, as it turns out, he has won his case. It took him over a year to prevail in the French courts, but it demonstrates how powerful people feel about this. It truly is all about choice - and this is a much simpler one to solve than changing hardware.

I hope that within the next few years, every notebook manufacturer around the world will have out of the box options to include or decline any and all bundled software - after all, it is not up to them to decide how the machine is used. Cases like this have popped up now and then, but the base problem still remains - manufacturers absolutely refuse to offer their entire lineup free of software. The kickbacks they receive from software vendors might be significant, but I hope the voice of those who want "clean" machines can outweigh those eventually.