The RIAA's attack on students has been watched closely by many. Their tactics have come into question more than once, particularly their demands that the Universities these students attend do their dirty work for them by revealing what students are behind which IP addresses.

Some have caved, some have fought back. Now, in Oregon, the Attorney General has given a big thumbs down to the RIAA's case to probe for information and has filed to get their subpoena dismissed. In particular, the RIAA is going after seventeen unknown people at the University of Oregon, and is expecting the University to spend the time and money required to find out who is supposedly infringing.

Several reasons on why the University won't be cooperating with the RIAA are outlined, such as the difficulty in identifying the people. They also assert that what the RIAA is demanding is "burdensome" and "overbroad". I certainly hope the University gets their way - and sets an example to other would-be victims of the RIAA's rampage.