Google's long-rumored online storage service could be available within the next few months, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal that cites unnamed sources. The new service would allow users to store any kind of data on Google servers and access it from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Rumors of the so-called gDrive have been around for months now and it would actually come a bit late to the party, with services such as Microsoft's Windows Live Skydrive,, and Xdrive already up and running. But Google is known for creating easy-to-use interfaces and adding innovative features to its services, so its entry into the market should at least heat up competition.

According to the report, there will be a limited amount of free storage with payment options for those that want more. It's also likely the service will integrate with Google Docs, Picasa and other services where storage is needed. There isn't a lot of new information available today though - no launch date, no pricing plans, no storage capacity - so we'll have to wait and see if gDrive finally comes out of its vaporware state.