Joining similar offerings from the likes of Western Digital and Toshiba, Fujitsu has unveiled their new 2.5-inch MHZ2 BH mobile hard drive, which ramps up storage capacity to a maximum of 320GB. Equipped with two 160GB platters spinning at the standard laptop speed of 5400rpm, the drive features an 8MB cache, 3Gbps SATA interface, and power consumption of only 1.9 watts when reading or writing data.

The drive's energy draw during idle power consumption drops to 1.06 watts, while standby or "sleep" power usage on the hard drive registers 0.13 watts, according to the company.

The MHZ2 BH is the third offering in Fujitsu's M-class mobile hard drive portfolio. The earlier MHY2 BH line topped out at 250GB and had a slower 1.5Gbps SATA interface. The new drive will be available in February next year for a yet-undisclosed price.