Various sites today have been reporting on AMD's plans to ditch the Quad FX platform. And in reality, not only is it not a surprise, but it's fully expected. Now with Phenom having made a retail presence and more iterations of the CPU planned, the extra cost and hardware associated with the Quad FX platform just doesn't make sense. Not only does it not make sense to enthusiasts, who see little gain with multiple cores anyway, but it makes more sense for AMD as well to push single-processor solutions.

This is more true than ever with Phenom, as the various benchmarks that have come out do not paint a pretty picture. Particularly now that they are really up against the wall when it comes to Intel, AMD is going to have to pick where they want to focus. Quad FX was doomed from the start, since AMD already had quad-core CPUs in the works. Honestly, they'd have been better off skipping it altogether and putting more resources into Phenom. Hopefully they can recover.