AMD previewed their upcoming Hybrid CrossFire technology today, which is aimed at the non-hardcore gamer looking to improve graphics at lower price point. The idea is simple yet compelling, the majority of desktop computers sold today feature integrated graphics, which is fine for most nongaming tasks but will often deliver the equivalent of a slideshow when trying to play the latest game titles. However, with Hybrid CrossFire users are able to install an entry level graphics card and pair it with the GPU built into the motherboard chipset for a nice performance bump.

The folks at HardOCP were able to play some games and run benchmarks on an AMD Hybrid CrossFire system sporting a working DX10 integrated graphics chipset paired with an RV620-based discrete graphics card. With Crysis being the “benchmark” of any 3D video acceleration technology available today, they had to test the game with Hybrid CrossFire enabled. Interestingly, it ran quite well at 1024x768 with most of the visual settings on medium. I won’t go as far as to call this performance stunning, but then again, we are talking about budget integrated graphics boards with a $50 add-in card.