The crew at MadBoxPC has posted leaked specs and photos of a trio of value cards from AMD including the Radeon HD 3450, a $50 model based on the RV620 core and featuring a 525MHz core clock, 256MB of memory, UVD and DX10.1 support, and DisplayPort.

The $60 Radeon 3470 ups the clock speed to 600Mhz and comes with up to 512MB of RAM and DVI, while the $100 HD 3650, which is built on the RV635 core, maxes out the trio at 800MHz with 512MB of RAM. Although you won’t get the stunning graphic effects available in most of the latest games, HD video and perhaps some last-gen shooters should work just fine. The cards are expected to be available early next year along with the enthusiast-oriented R680 GPUs.