While many of us are often baffled by odd and sometimes absurd laws that get passed and enforced, once in a while there are moves made by Government that we can appreciate. For instance, the Do Not Call registry represented a fine example of policies being put in place that gave people exactly what they wanted. Telemarketing is one of the most invasive forms of advertising around. To date, the article says that almost half the population of the U.S. have put their names on the 'Do Not Call' list, and there is now a move to get the registry into a permanent status, preventing people that signed up initially getting dropped off the list after five years as it was originally designed.

On top of that, the FTC will continue to be the agency responsible for enforcing the registry, collecting fees from businesses who violate such mandate. The funds are used to keep the registry itself alive. Since the launch of the program, at least 73 businesses and several individuals have been fined as a result of not following people's wishes.