While a highly regarded game in the world of PC gaming, Crysis has also received heavy criticism for its lack of friendliness with less than stellar performing PC hardware. In fact, one of the big theories is that Crytek was pushed by its publisher EA to get the game out of the door by the holidays, so it could take advantage of that sales season. Of course, both parties deny that is what happened, but it's not like they will ever tell us either.

Now, after almost 5 months of its release Crysis is getting patched up to version 1.2, which fixes a number of bugs, polishes things in various areas and tries to enhance performance where before it put any system to crawl. The release notes are huge and there also seems to be particular focus on multiplayer balance and optimization. At this point it's likely that a large portion of gamers have finished the single player campaign, and thus emphasis on the multiplayer portion of the game makes a lot of sense. Patch 1.2 can be applied directly to either the original Crysis (v1.0) or Crysis v1.1.