When the iPhone was nearing its release last year, Apple boldly stated they wanted to have a total of 10 million units sold before the end of 2008. So far they have made significant progress towards that goal, and even if they don't ultimately achieve it, they may still exceeded many people's expectations.

Now, if analysts' predictions are to be believed, Apple is set for an even brighter 2009, quoting a greater than four-fold increase for iPhone sales, estimating that Apple will move a staggering 45 million units. That is more than just a minor figure, and what we consider a very optimistic outlook.

The estimates take a few things into consideration however, such as Apple releasing the phone in more countries, the well rumored and likely true 3G iPhone release later this year, and eventual cheaper models in the range of $200-300.
But will Apple be able to pull that off? No one can doubt the overnight popularity the phone has managed to achieve, and surging sales as described above could make for a huge competitor in the eyes of industry giants like Nokia.