AU Optronics Corp. is looking to catch the attention of the audience during this year's SID Display Week, which will be held in Los Angeles, with some interesting new products. The jewel of the crown for the company is a TFT-LCD display with a curved radius of 100mm on glass substrate, which they hope will be used in dashboards and watches sometime in the not so distant future.

They also showcased a 0.63mm thick 1.9" TFT-LCD screen for mobile devices which just weighs 2.1 grams. The size and weight of the product offer great flexibility for phone designers who want to create light, slim, and sunlight readable units. Another interesting tool they will be demonstrating is their Grease Free and Touch Mura Free technology which coasts the AF layer of screens for a fingerprint and smudge free surface ideal for touch screens.

You can expect to see a much more competitive stance among companies who cater the small and medium display market in the future. You probably heard that before, but this time around it's not just about creating the thinnest display, it's about delivering a high quality image without having to make sacrifices during product design.