It's that time of the month again when AMD releases a new set of Catalyst drivers for Radeon graphics card owners, bringing the usual host of bug fixes along with performance improvements for the Radeon HD 3xx0 series in several games such as Call of Juarez, Lost Planet, Halo, Stalker, and World in Conflict.

Besides that, however, Catalyst 8.5 also introduces some significant new features including some that will certainly please HTPC users. Among those is support for TV output adhering to the SECAM (a European color television standard), 1080p24 mode support, and HDMI audio support for all TV timing modes and non-standard (CEA 861b) TV modes. AMD claims Adaptive Anti-Aliasing support for OpenGL applications has been added, as well.

You can learn more about the changes and fixes within the official release notes. The drivers are for all ATI Radeon graphics cards from the 9500 on up, and as usual they are available for Windows XP 32 and 64-bit, Vista 32- and 64-bit, and Linux.