A couple of days ago rumors started to emerge that USI, abit's parent company, disappointed with both the performance and sales of its latest P45 based products, was mulling to pull out the abit brand from the motherboard business and refocus the company on other devices. According to figures obtained by Digitimes, abit sold less than 3 million motherboards last year while still having a goal to sell twice that many this year - allegedly a goal they aren't on track to achieve.

Thore Welling, global marketing director at abit, came out to dispel those rumors however claiming that they remain just as committed to motherboards as ever. According to Welling, the company in fact improved motherboard sales by 160 percent last year. He further stressed abit's commitment to the motherboard business by stating 12 new boards will be on display at Computex next week, including the new, high-end, Intel P45 based IP45 Max.