Google has been building its good reputation for several years now and is the sponsor of many projects that are beloved by its users. The search giant certainly prides on its cutting edge operation that keeps the user at its core. For instance, they sponsor, a site dedicated to help identify and eradicate the sources of malicious software in the world today. It was interesting to see that recent data from this same site has a finger pointed at Google as a source for many malicious websites served up in recent times.

Due to the advent of Google's blogging service, it seems many online criminals have been able to pervert the services and use them to host malicious websites, serving spyware, malware or other nasty things. The report, which is available for anyone to see, goes into some interesting conclusions. Reportedly China is responsible for the most malware worldwide and for hosting the top four positions of networks with malicious hosts. Just as surprising, Google, housed in the U.S. came in at number 5 – above all other countries. How will the company react to such report remains to be seen.