Nvidia's stock took quite a beating last week after the company announced a financial forecast cut short due to slowing sales and a hefty payout to cover the expected cost of "significant quantities" of faulty notebook GPU's and mobile and communications processors. While the company remained tightlipped as to what product lines were affected, a recent report by The Inquirer suggests that every single G84 and G86 GPU in both mobile and desktop cards is affected.

Nvidia's official claim is that it was only a batch of end-of-life parts that were affected because of a faulty bonding process. But according to The Inquirer's sources, both the G84 and G86 GPUs share the same ASIC across the board - which is the source of the heat-related issues - and there's "about zero chance" that Nvidia would change the assembly process or material set for a single batch.

Furthermore the graphics firm claims that only HP products are affected, but apparently Dell and Asus PCs with the affected chipsets are also failing. This all remains unconfirmed for now, but hopefully Nvidia will step up and clarify this whole situation to its customers.