The Inquirer is on top of the situation widespreading rumours and claims that indicate NVIDIA's upcoming chip, the NV30, would be about 30% faster than ATI Radeon 9700 Pro cards. ATI cards are already available selling for around $320, while the NV30 chip itself will be officially announced during next week's Comdex, availability in quantities isn't expected until early next year.

Some figures seen on the Nvidia official documents in Vienna show that the NV30 will be 2.5 times faster in quake 3 than TI 4600, 3.5 times faster in Doom 3, and three times faster than 3dmark 2001 SE but this remains to be seen.

We already know the NV30 will use 125 millions of transistors, will use AGP 8X and will have support for DirectX 9 and even beyond.