The August NPD numbers are out, and to no one's surprise Nintendo's DS and Wii once more took the top two hardware slots. The DS finished the month on top with 518,300 in sales, while the Wii sold more units than Xbox 360 and PS3 combined at 453,000 - that's 102,000 units less from July's figures.

August sales were down in general, though. All hardware systems saw their sales decrease from July in what has been the slowest month in over two years. The Xbox 360 outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 by less than 10,000 units, though we can probably expect that number to grow in September following the recent 360 price cuts. With 195,200 units sold, however, it wasn't enough for Microsoft to outsell the PlayStation Portable which came third with 253,000 units sold.

On the software front, the top selling game was Electronic Arts' recently released Madden NFL 09 with four slots on the top 10 list and over 2 million copies sold. Overall in the top 10 there were four titles for the Nintendo Wii and three for the 360, while the DS along with the PlayStation 2 and 3 got one each.