In addition to increasing the installation/activation limit in Spore, EA and Maxis are also making the game be more in-line with what the manual claimed and what players revealed in terms of user accounts. They will be implementing a system that will allow multiple names per account, like most online games allow you to do. While not calling them separate accounts, these separate "screen names" will have all the functionality you'd want, such as separate achievements and benefits for developing creatures.

Maxis will be putting in a system that allows for up to five different screen names, each of which can maintain its own list of accomplishments. You'd expect that since many other games EA already publishes (like the Battlefield series) already do this, it would have been a stock option.

They didn't announce a specific release date, but did mention that is already in testing - so it could arrive very soon. Even though EA and Maxis are making these beneficial changes, is it too late? Has the damage already been done? Spore is quickly becoming one of the most pirated games of all time, which many people have blamed on the heavy restrictions.